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If Essential Oil Quality is important to you then you’ve found the right place!

We are trained aromatherapists with decades of experience in sourcing and importing therapeutic quality essential oils. We offer over a line of over 150 therapeutic quality essential oils and 20 aromatherapy blends to retailers, clinics, hospitals, healthcare facilities and other approved businesses including aromatherapists, massage therapists, yoga studios, spas, etc. If you want true therapeutic grade wholesale essential oils, for yourself and your customers, you’ve come to the right place. We sell nothing less than true therapeutic quality essential oils. You’ll find no “Fragrance Oils” or low quality “Made in China” kits or adulterated oils here – only the very best quality.

The Wholesale Discount is 40% off most essential oils, blends and aromatherapy supplies.*

  • Minimum purchase for wholesale = $250 first time / $100 thereafter (after all discounts and before shipping for both).
  • You can order by using our online shop, by email, or by phone (online ordering is faster & preferred).
  • Additional discounts are available for large wholesale orders (over $1000 initial / $500 reorders).

*NOTE: Discount for our more expensive essential oils (like Gardenia and Rose), aromatherapy kits, and diffusers is limited to 25% due to smaller margin.
Link button for our Wholesale Essential Oil Catalog is down below.

Setting up a Wholesale Essential Oils account is an easy, one-time process.

  1. Create an account (Register), set & remember your Username.
  2. Fill out the simple form below.

You MUST be a seller to obtain wholesale status. If you are using, but not selling our oils in your business, then request “Practitioner” discount instead and you’ll receive up to 30% off with no minimums.

  • If eligible for wholesale status, we’ll change your status from “Customer” to “Wholesale”
  • Then, we’ll send you a confirmation email.
  • Then, after logging into your account, you’ll see wholesale (discounted) pricing.

If you ever need to place a small order (without meeting the $100 minimum), just order retail without logging into your account and checkout as a guest.

Wholesale Essential Oils Contact Form.

Once your Wholesale Status is approved, we’ll send you an acknowledgement email.

How to place your order

Once you’ve been approved for Wholesale status, you may choose between three ordering options:

  1. Place your order online using our Online Shop (Preferred).
  2. Or, call us at (828) 338-5155.
  3. or fax (828) 338-3973.

Once approved, large institutions (Hospitals/Clinics) are eligible for using Purchase Orders.

Download the Wholesale Catalog

Can’t wait?

Just place your order at retail prices, and send us an email requesting wholesale status. We’ll respond within 24 hours, and if you’re approved for wholesale status, we’ll refund the difference to your card/account.

Not sure if Wholesale is right for you?

We also offer Bulk Pricing for discounts on large quantities of oils.

If you want to use our products in your business but don’t sell products, request “Practitioner” status for a 30% discount for most items.

If you’d like to buy in quantity and start your own brand, we also offer Essential Oil Private Labeling.