We love getting your oils, the product is great. It’s just the last time we put in an order we didn’t seem to get the price that was listed, or our normal wholesale price. I’m not sure how hard it would be for you guys since you are a small company. But if you could get a separate wholesale ordering and access it might be easier to use, or understand. Thanks! We love your oils!

Thanks for letting us know about problem. A request for Practitioner status came from your office in December so we changed your account from Wholesale to Practitioner. Now we’ve changed it back to Wholesale so you’re “good-to-go” and will automatically get the greater discount. We also granted you access to our Restricted oils (the ones needing extra care). New Retail and Wholesale PDFs also sent. So glad that you love our oils – its a joy for us to work with customers like you who appreciate the quality of our essential oils and blends. – Ivan