Rose Hydrosol, aka Rose Water


Rose Hydrosol is very soothing and relaxing and has a wonderful aroma. Another name for Rose Hydrosol is Rose Flower Water and still another is simply Rose Water. These beautiful aromatic aromas are produced in Lebanon.


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Earn up to 15 Points

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Rose Hydrosol, aka Rose Flower Water or Rose Water

Hydrosols are also called Flower Waters, Hydroflorates, Hydrolats and Essential Oils Distillate Waters. All of these terms mean the same thing. Our Rose Hydrosol is produced in Turkey.

Hydrosols are a by-product of the steam distillation process. Plant material is placed in the still along with water. Then heat is applied to produce steam. This steam extracts the essential oils from the plant material and is then condensed (liquefied). The essential oils float to the top of the water and are separated from the water. But, of course, some essence and traces of the oils remain in the water. And, voila, there you have a beautiful Hydrosol. For more info on hydrosols, here’s a link to Wiki: Wiki Hydrosols

Rose Hydrosol is a great way to experience the classic, romantic aroma of Rose. Rose Water makes a skin toner and feels wonderful spritzed on the face. It has calming and relaxing qualities.

Note that Flower Waters / Hydrosols have a shorter shelf life than essential oils, so we always buy in small batches and replenish our stock often. To extend the shelf life of your Rose Hydrosol, store in a cool dark area or refrigerate. Spritzing a Hydrosol that has been chilled can feel extra refreshing.


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