Soapstone Candle Diffuser - Classic Aromatherapy


This soapstone tea-candle diffuser is a classic way to enjoy aromatherapy in the home or any space. A natural beeswax tea-candle is included with each diffuser. Health Note: Never use paraffin candles.



Soapstone Candle Diffuser

This candle diffuser is a classic way to enjoy aromatherapy in the home or any space. Simply fill the basin at the top with water, add up to 3 drops of essential oil, and light the natural bees wax candle (included) in the compartment below. The bees wax candle’s heat warms the water, so that the essential oil passively emits a gentle aroma. Tea-Candle diffusers should not be left unattended and must be kept away from flammable objects when in use.

Shape: Choose either our Round Celtic Design tea-candle diffuser or our Square Stars Design tea-candle diffuser.
Color: The color of these natural soapstone diffusers varies but most are grayish/greenish, closer in color to the “Round Celtic Design” tea-candle diffuser than the more redish color of the “Square Stars Design”.

These diffusers are handmade out of natural soapstone, so each diffuser is unique.


Fill the bowl with water, add a few drops of essential oil, and place the beeswax tea-candle in the compartment below.

Add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to the cotton ball in the Soapstone Aromatherapy Diffuser Bowl to relax, Sweet Orange or Lemon essential oil for a smell that is bright and clean, Pine or Spruce essential oil for that aroma of the forest, or essential oil of Peppermint to help keep you alert. For an exceptional fragrance, try one of our fine floral  Enfleurage oils of GardeniaLily, Rose or Tuberose.

Note that we provide a natural beeswax tea candle with each tea-candle soapstone diffuser. Beeswax candles are quite good for both body & soul. We recommend that you NEVER use the cheap paraffin tea candles which emit toxic fumes. Natural beeswax tea-candles also last much longer than paraffin tea-candles.


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