Great news for our perfumers and fragrance fanatics: Our partnering farm in South America is now producing a one-of-a-kind line of enfleurage essential oils extracted with sustainably grown and harvested Organic Coconut Oil rather than sustainably grown and harvested Palm Oil. Our regular enfleurage oils are based on Palm Oil, which gives them a subtle earthy base note that some people like, while others wish for the singular fragrance of the flower that emerges when the oils are extracted with the virtually fragrance-free base of Coconut Oil. The aroma of our Limited Edition Enfleurage Oils is a bit lighter, and the fragrance is as crisp as if you’re smelling the fresh flower. If you got your hands on our first release of Limited Edition Gardenia Enfleurage, you know what we’re talking about. Our small artisanal producer is now creating more special batches of Limited Edition Gardenia, Tuberose, Rose and Frangipani Enfleurage Oils. The extraction process is slow and very hands-on, requiring large amounts of precious flowers, and in most cases taking more than a month to produce a few milliliters. Nowhere else in the world will you find this kind of enfleurage based on Organic Coconut Oil. We are the world’s only supplier of this exquisite formulation. Supply is extremely limited: the farm will send us 40 mLs of Gardenia, 20mL of Tuberose and Frangipani, and only 10mL of Rose. We offer them in half-dram sizes only. These Limited Edition Enfleurage Oils make the perfect main note to any perfume, and work beautifully as single-aroma perfumes. 

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