Hydrosols – What are they?

Hydrosols are the waters that are a byproduct of the steam distillation of essential oils.  A hydrosol contains not only the water that was used in distillation but also small amounts of essential oil that could not be separated out in the final stage of the extraction process.

“Hydrosol” is not a word you hear every day, so you may be more familiar with terms like “Rose Water” or “Lavender Water” – That’s what we’re talking about. They’re are also known as Flower Waters, Hydroflorates, Hydrolats and Essential Oil Distillate Waters. All of these terms mean the same thing.

They’re great in a spray bottle, for a cooling face mist. There’s nothing like a spritz of aromatic Hydrosol for a refreshing energy-boost.

Although Hydrosols are water-based and therefore far less concentrated than essential oils, it is still a good idea to treat them with respect and follow sensible safety precautions. Also, you should be aware that they have a much shorter shelf life than essential oils. But, unlike some essential oils, you can store hydrosols in your refrigerator with the added benefit of being able to give yourself a cooling spritz whenever you want.

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