Artisanal Essential Oils

Artisanal Essential Oils from Artisan Aromatics


“Pertaining to or noting a high-quality or distinctive product made in small quantities, usually by hand or using traditional methods…”

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What could be more in tune with the spirit of natural healing than fine botanical preparations made by hand, with consciousness, skill and care? We feel that the energy of artisanal essential oils is exceptional and that’s why we love to choose oils that come from small, skilled producers whenever we can. Our artisanal suppliers grow or wildcraft their own plant material and then distill it in very small batches specifically for use in aromatherapy.

Our “regular” essential oils are certainly great and are of excellent quality, suitable for aromatherapy, but, when available, we prefer to purchase essential oils directly from small artisan growers and distillers. We love to support small “hands-on” businesses similar in many ways to Artisan Aromatics. Our range of artisanal oils is growing slowly, since sources must be carefully vetted to ensure that their products meet our standards.

Give them a try! We’re sure that you’ll love these extraordinary essential oils as much as we do.

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Wildcrafted Angelica Root Essential Oil

Angelica Root Essential Oil

From: $26.00
Wildcrafted Angelica Seed Essential Oil

Angelica Seed Essential Oil

From: $19.00
Sold outBalsam Poplar Essential Oil - Artisan Aromatics

Balsam Poplar Essential Oil

Rated 5.00 out of 5
From: $22.00
Bay Laurel Essential Oil

Bay Laurel Essential Oil – Restricted

From: $19.00
Lavender Essential Oil (Bulgaria)

Lavender Essential Oil, Bulgaria

From: $11.00
Sold outMyrtle Essential Oil (Organic)

Myrtle Essential Oil, Organic

From: $19.00
Orange Essential Oil - Sweet (Organic)

Orange Essential Oil, Sweet – Organic

From: $12.00 From: $9.00
Palo Santo Essential Oil

Palo Santo Essential Oil

From: $20.00
Spruce Essential Oil Black - Wildcrafted

Spruce Essential Oil, Black

From: $19.00 From: $14.25
Yarrow Essential Oil

Yarrow Essential Oil

From: $14.00