Enfleurage is an ancient technique used for extracting essential oils from the most delicate flowers. All of these organic Enfleurage essential oils are produced for us by a wonderful grower in South America using the ancient technique of Enfleurage. Organic Enfleurage oil is quite rare since the process is very labor intensive and requires the collection of thousands of kilos of delicate flower petals to produce a few ounces of essential oil.

These organic Enfleurage essential oils are quite different from Absolutes. To produce absolutes, the delicate oils from the flowers are extracted using harsh chemicals. Even worse are fragrance oils which are completely synthetic, containing no natural components at all. Enfleurage oils, however, are some of the most pure and fragrant aromas in the world.

Our partnering farm grows Gardenia and extracts the oil by enfleurage using organic and locally sourced Coconut or Palm oil.

Learn more in Dr. Joie Power’s article “What Are Enfleurage Essential Oils?

Here at Artisan Aromatics, we work closely with a small-scale producer in South America that uses a modern version of the ancient technique of enfleurage to produce completely organic oils of Frangipani, Jasmine, Gardenia, LilyRoseTuberose and more. He grows his flowers on his small farm and then processes them using Palm oil as the fat and pure alcohol derived from local sugar cane. By using all local products, he helps to support the local economy and small farmers and gives employment to indigenous residents.

2017 Update: This producer has recently begun making Limited Edition batches of some Enfleurage Oils based on pure Organic Coconut Oil, rather than Palm Oil. The result is very special – pure flower aroma without even a hint of the earthy undertone of Palm Oil.

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LimitedArtisan Aromatics Frangipani Enfleurage Organic Limited Edition

Frangipani Enfleurage, Organic Limited Edition

Frangipani Essential Oil - Enfleurage (Organic)

Frangipani Essential Oil, Organic Enfleurage

5 out of 5
From: $78.00
LimitedGardenia Enfleurage Organic Limited Edition

Gardenia Enfleurage, Organic Limited Edition

4.5 out of 5
Organic Gardenia Essential Oil - Enfleurage - Artisan Aromatics

Gardenia Essential Oil, Organic Enfleurage

5 out of 5
From: $56.00
Artisan Aromatics organic jasmine essential oil

Jasmine Essential Oil, Organic Enfleurage

5 out of 5
From: $64.00
Sold outOrganic Lily Essential Oil - Enfleurage - Artisan Aromatics

Lily Essential Oil, Organic Enfleurage

From: $87.00
LimitedArtisan Aromatics Rose Enfleurage Limited Edition

Rose Enfleurage, Organic Limited Edition

From: $94.00
Organic Rose Essential Oil (Enfeurage) - Artisan Aromatics

Rose Essential Oil, Organic Enfleurage

5 out of 5
From: $64.00
LimitedTuberose Enfleurage Limited Edition

Tuberose Enfleurage, Organic Limited Edition

Organic Tuberose Essential Oil - Organic Tuberose Enfleurage - Artisan Aromatics

Tuberose Essential Oil, Organic Enfleurage

5 out of 5
From: $64.00