Essential Oil GC-MS Reports / Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry / Essential Oil GCMS

Essential Oil GC-MS Reports: Artisan Aromatics is serious about essential oil safety. GC-MS testing has been done on almost all of the essential oils that we stock. Much of this data has been tucked away as hard copies in file drawers while others have been stored on our computers in various formats. We have had many requests for copies of our GC-MS reports but, have simply been too busy with bottling and shipping to get to the paperwork. Finally, we’re able to start posting our GCMS Essential Oil reports on our website. We only have a few to begin with but will be adding more as time permits. So, if you have a special request, please give us a “bump” and we’ll try to move that report nearer the top of our “to-do” list.

We also offer MSDS reports for many of our essential oils: MSDS Reports.

Below is a listing of the Essential Oil GC-MS reports for some of our essential oils. We’ll be adding more as time allows and should have more Essential Oil GC-MS reports available soon. If you need the Essential Oil GC-MS report for any of our essential oils that are not listed below, please contact us.

Essential Oil GC-MS

Basil GC-MS Basil, Organic GC-MS Carrot Seed GC-MSClary Sage GC-MS
Clove Bud Indonesia GC-MS Cypress GC-MSEucalyptus globulus GC-MSFrankincense, India GC-MS
Frankincense Serrata GC-MSFrankincense, Somalia GC-MSGardenia Enfleurage GC-MSGeranium GC-MS (Egypt)
Jasmine Absolute GC-MSLavender 40-42 GC-MS (France)Lavender Bulgaria GC-MSLavender France GC-MS
Lavender High Alpine GC-MS (France)Lavender Provence GC-MS (France)Orange, Sweet GC-MSOrange, Sweet Organic GC-MS
Peppermint GC-MS (India) Plai GC-MS Tea Tree GC-MS (Australia)