Our customers love our oils. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what people are saying about AEO :

Exceptional Products and Customer Service

I really appreciate the the extra effort made by the staff to fill and ship my last minute order in preparation for an Open House at my business. I received my complete order in plenty of time and was able to offer my customers the superior products from Artisan Aromatics. I did quite a bit of research before choosing this company. Not only are the oils of the highest therapeutic quality, they are sourced conscientiously from around the world, which is of great importance to me. I also appreciate their attention to education on the safety of using essential oils. I am hooked on this company and while there are other suppliers of quality aromatherapy products, I will be recommending Artisan Aromatics exclusively.

Liz Mills
December 15, 2017

Incredible quality

Every single order I have ever made has been of exceptional quality!
Your Lily and gardenia oils are incredible!
Thank you

Raea Corby
December 14, 2017

Great experience

I was very excited to find this local company. They responded quickly to my e mails and answered any questions I had. My first order was sweet orange and vanilla absolute. They included a sample of the Energy Blend and a free car clip diffuser. The sweet orange oil is great! I especially loved the Energy Blend it’s very invigorating and lovely. Since I’m local Sue met my husband at a near by location for pick up! Great experience all around and would highly recommend this company.

Candice Bruns
West Coast Aromatherapy Student
December 12, 2017


I made my first order recently. It came quickly, within 7 days and was packed to perfection. I opened each oil and with each one I became more excited to start my business. Thank you and I will be using your company in the future.

Sherri ligator
December 10, 2017

New to Aromatherapy – Love the products

I bought some sample sizes because I am new to aromatherapy and wanted to try them out. The company sent me a few extras, which was nice. I love the products!

Brenda Conn
November 27, 2017

Amazing products!

This company makes amazing products and is super fast to fulfill my orders as a retailer. I love doing business with them and supporting a local NC company in one fell swoop. Don’t delay in ordering their quality oils and receiving their great customer service!!

Machelle McCann
November 10, 2017


Wonderful..string oils. Great quality. Fast shipping

Debra A Sees
November 5, 2017

Can’t wait to place my next order

Artisan Aromatics provided me with a very relaxing oil called Benzoin. I use it while I’m studying or need to really relax like at bed time. I find it to have great efficacy. I use a lot of essential oils and will certainly be ordering again!

Stacey Norton
October 17, 2017


I hardly can find the right words to express my joy….. This Gardenia is fantastic, the true, real flower, I’m simply in Heaven !! When I was in Italy I often used to buy Gardenia plants, very common there…. here in Ottawa, I cannot find them. Thanks to Artisan Aromatics, this “paradise” scent brings me back to my Italy and the memories living in Rome years ago, when I used to give the plant to my grandmother as a present.

Stefania Borrelli
October 16, 2017

An Awesome Company!

I am always pleased with the products I purchase from AA, and the staff is wonderful to work with! If you haven’t tried this company, you should!!
Thanks once again AA for excellent service, products and staff!

Kathy Klug
October 9, 2017

Essential oils with energy

I recently ordered 6 samples of essential oils. The aroma coming from each vial was transportive. I especially liked the Artisanal Black Spruce which I found to be vibrant. The Lavender from Provence is exquisite. I look forward to ordering more in the future!

Karin Lieberman
September 8, 2017


Shipping, communication, and quality as always… superb!!! I am grateful to have found Artisan Aromatics. They create safe platforms for natural healing and it is the only brand I will stand behind. Artisan Aromatics is leading the field due to the quality, friendly service, and appreciation for supporting small business. Our Earth is darn lucky to have Artisan Aromatics modeling how a business should be run and Essential Oils curated!

Elise Dixie Jane
September 8, 2017

Fabulous Products and Service

I ordered diffusers and carrier oils for my essential oil business. They have been hits and I have received so many compliments. The shipment from Artisan Aromatics was quick and the packaging was very nice. I will certainly be ordering again.

Hannah Mayfield
August 26, 2017


We as a first generation family of 7 took a leap of faith and had to choose from SO MANY wholesale offers to begin our journey with our new company known as Divine Alternatives. We gladly chose Artisan Aromatics as our source for Wholesale Essential Oils! Our bulk package was packaged safely, promptly, and true to quality and quantity! We highly recommend them! Thanks again!

Heather Howes
Divine Alternatives
August 23, 2017

Excellent Service

My order arrived promptly via Priority Mail even though I only paid for 1st Class, the EO’s were of high quality and they even included pipettes which made it easy to transfer into other bottles.
Very happy with their level of attention to detail.
Thank you!

Vivian Law
August 7, 2017

Wonderful Customer Service

I LOVE ARTISAN AROMATICS! Their products are top notch. I’ve had soooo many compliments on how I smell and how great the oils are. I’ve given for gifts and referred a local business owner today. I am a local business owner/realtor and know how important service is. I love that they alway write a little note on the invoice. I am impressed.

Tammy Stanton
July 20, 2017

One of the Best!

I have been ordering from AA for a while now I have never been unhappy or disappointed with their service or their products! They are always very helpful and go out of their way to give the best service ever!
I have recommended them to several of my contacts, and I will continue to purchase my products from them.
Thank you Artisan and your staff. You are all definitly One of the BEST!!

Great Service. Great products

Recommending to my friends. Quick delivery. Superb products.

Christy Klingler
July 2, 2017

Sound sleeping

I ordered the sound sleeping blend to help with my insomnia and it definitely helped. It also smells great! I’ve made a few other purchases and have been quite pleased thus far. You’ve definitely created a loyal customer.

Cassandra Leazer
June 27, 2017

Excellent Quality Products

I couldn’t be happier with the oils I ordered from you. I love them all, and have used some to make natural deodarant and facial oil. Your lemon essential oil smells refreshing, like a freshly peeled fruit. Thanks for the wonderful experience. Will order more!

Mohd Nur Azwan Ramli
June 18, 2017


Great product. Much better oils than competitor’s. Fabulous customer service!

Susan Shoemaker
June 10, 2017

So helpful and a wonderful selection!

I love the quality and variety of your products and the personal approach that you take with your customers. I’d recommend your store to anyone!

Heather L Kent
June 9, 2017

Amazing Service

This was my first order from Artisan. I had called and the sales person was friendly, informative and quite helpful. So I placed my order. It’s arrival was promised in 4 days, but maybe 3 days. Imagine my surprise when it arrived in just 2 days! The bottles were neatly and securely packed plus there were 2 unexpected gifts – samples. The service may not always be THAT efficient, but obviously the people at Artisan go to great effort to deliver as promised. And then a bit better. An Amazing company with Amazing people providing an Amazing service!

C. Tolson
June 5, 2017

Great products, price and service

I very much appreciate your quality products and service. Pricing is a good value. You will have my next order of essential oils.
The only product I was disappointed with was the lavender hydrasol didn’t smell like lavender, it had a weedy sour smell.

So glad to hear that you like & appreciate the quality of our products and service – thanks!. Sorry to disappoint with the hydrosol – not really my favorite either – we’ll look for a new supplier for out next batch.

Connie Jungbluth
May 29, 2017

Grapeseed Oil

This was one of several orders from your company. Each one was delivered timely and your pricing and quality are excellent. This is my go-to site for essential oils.

Michael A. Sapienza
Sapienza Consulting LLC
May 27, 2017

Excellent quality!

I have always been pleased with anything I’ve received from Artisan Aromatics, and have every confidence when I refer my clients to them that they will receive top quality oils.

Alanna Berger
May 25, 2017

Very satisfied

I ordered the Gardenia oil and I am very satisfied with the product as well as with its presentation in a little box. One to two drops mixed with a drop of Jasmine is enough to stay on all day as a perfume. Thank you Artisan Aromatics!

May 24, 2017


We love getting your oils, the product is great. It’s just the last time we put in an order we didn’t seem to get the price that was listed, or our normal wholesale price. I’m not sure how hard it would be for you guys since you are a small company. But if you could get a separate wholesale ordering and access it might be easier to use, or understand. Thanks! We love your oils!

Thanks for letting us know about problem. A request for Practitioner status came from your office in December so we changed your account from Wholesale to Practitioner. Now we’ve changed it back to Wholesale so you’re “good-to-go” and will automatically get the greater discount. We also granted you access to our Restricted oils (the ones needing extra care). New Retail and Wholesale PDFs also sent. So glad that you love our oils – its a joy for us to work with customers like you who appreciate the quality of our essential oils and blends. – Ivan

Nicole K
May 24, 2017

Reliable and Trustworthy

Doing business with Artisan Aromatics has been wonderful. Their products are quality and their customer service is above and beyond.

Rebecca Stephens
May 22, 2017

I love these oils

My last order arrived promptly and was well packaged.
I trust the qualaity of these oils. I feel this company is very concientious.
I always appreciate the tiny free sample vials.. But this time I was pleasantly surpriced to receive a free 5ml bottle of one of your calming blends.
Thank you.
I am a repeat customer of course.

Laura kubiszewski
May 22, 2017

great customer service

I purchased Palo Santo Oil to add to my bug spray to more effectively combat tics. The whole experience from browsing the website to receiving my order went flawlessly. Definitely recommend Artisan Aromatics!

Nancy Stuebner
May 21, 2017

Let It Go really works

I have been going through a stressful time and the usual outlets have not been working. I ordered Let It Go in an inhaler because I was going to be doing some big city driving – which is really not something I enjoy. With the first sniff, I felt the muscles in my neck relax. What I really appreciated was the clear thinking that occurred as well. I handled every lane change and exit ramp without incident and I arrived at my destination feeling confident and refreshed. I will make sure I always have Let It Go with me.

Kim Kersbergen
May 13, 2017

Never had a problem

I love the wholesale price as well as how well everything is taken care of. The quality is wonderful!

Jaina Swedell
April 24, 2017


Love love love these oils and the personal touch you so willingly share…
Talk soon.
Wholesale Customer

L__i W_______n
Google Messenger
April 24, 2017


I trust this company with all of my heart. Such a great team dedicated to clean, therapeutic grade of oils… i use them daily in my role as the Integrative Nurse Specialist at CMC-NorthEast. Our patients and staff love them.

C___y C____n
March 27, 2017

Customer Service

You’re amazing. Seriously. 10/10 customer service.

B___y St____r
March 27, 2017

Excellent Quality & Customer Service

I have used several brands of essentials oils until I discovered Artisan. I am very pleased with the quality and the personal customer service is beyond EXCELLENT!

P____a D_______r
January 15, 2017

Gardenia Enfleurage Special Edition

The Gardenia Enfleurage extracted with coconut oil is truly phenomenal! So much better than the palm oil Enfleurage. It’s as if I’m sniffing the freshest Gardenia ever. Thank you so much.

H__k F______n
Email Comment
December 26, 2016


Dear Artisan – Once again, a usual, I was pleased with my order. Your products are excellent, and service is unbeatable! You have gone above and beyond to help me with my orders. I will continue to order from you.
I have been pleased with your company since my first order.
Thank you for all of your help and service. K. @ Lavender Moon

K___y K__g
Email Comment from Lavender Moon
November 9, 2016


Hi there! As always, I am delighted when I receive my order! Everything was in this shipment and I will continue to purchase my essential oils from you!
Thanks a bunch for your great customer service and Products, J.

J___t E___i
Email Comment
November 9, 2016