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Artisan Aromatics is a small company with a personal approach. Our owner, Ivan Prim, has been in the essential oil business since 1993 and the company he founded then was one of the first in the country to specialize in supplying therapeutic quality essential oils to health care professionals. Ivan has worked with hospitals. clinics, and practicing aromatherapists around the world and knows how to meet their stringent requirements for quality as well as environmentally and socially ethical sourcing.
In aromatherapy, getting good results depends on the quality of the products you use and this is why professional Aromatherapists insist on using only therapeutic quality essential oils. Synthetic fragrance products or essential oils that have been too hastily distilled or tampered with in some way are not acceptable for therapeutic use.
True essential oils are 100% pure and natural extracts taken from plants and if you really want to understand the properties and potentials of essential oils, you need to know the plants that create them. In my role as a consultant to Artisan Aromatics, I am working to add botanical information to the product descriptions on the website but, as I tell my students, the best way to know plants is to grow plants, or to visit them in the wild settings where they naturally grow. READ MORE
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