Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils & Enfleurage Oils

Artisan Aromatics: 100% Pure Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Blends


Artisan Aromatics brings you some of the rarest and most exquisite 100% pure and natural essential oils and enfleurage oils from around the world. From the darkest rain forests to the brightest deserts, from the warmest valleys to the coolest mountaintops, Artisan Aromatics is on the quest to bring you the very best true Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils.

Choose from over 100 All-Natural Essential Oils & Absolutes, including our Rare Organic Enfleurage Oils. Essential Oil extraction by the old Enfleurage method was almost a lost art until we found the world’s only supplier of these enfleurage oils:

Gardenia | Jasmine | Lily | Rose | Tuberose

Wildcrafted (if available), Organic (if available), Eco-Sensitive (always), 100% Pure & Natural, Therapeutic Quality

Domestic and International Shipping

Both Domestic (U.S.) and International Shipping are available for all of our Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils and Aromatherapy products including our Rare Organic Enfleurage Essential Oils: Frangipani, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lily, Rose, and Tuberose.

You can rely on us for true therapeutic quality essential oils – nothing added, nothing taken away. Over 100 essential oils to choose from plus essential oil blends, massage oils, carrier oils and aromatherapy products.

Looking for a Discount?

We provide several types of discounts to our customers:

Over 70 Essential Oil Blends are now available exclusively for Clinics, Hospitals and other Healthcare Facilities to treat a huge variety of ailments.

Visit our Clinical Division page for more information.

Students of the Highlands School of Natural Healing are eligible for discounts on Essential Oils. In order to receive your discount, contact us and we will assign the discount to your account.

We offer wholesale essential oil pricing to clinics, hospitals, healthcare facilities and a limited number of retail stores or other approved businesses including some yoga studios.

Visit the Wholesale page to learn more and get started.

Essential Oil Private Labeling and Bulk Ordering

If you want to sell true therapeutic quality essential oils or essential oil blends, we are here to help by creating a private label just for you or your company. Visit our Essential Oil Private Labeling page for more information.

Bulk Essential Oil discounts are also available for most of our Essential Oils in sizes from 1 to 5 liters. Visit our Bulk Ordering page for more details.

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