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Artisan Essential Oils

From the darkest rain forests to the brightest deserts, from the warmest valleys to the coolest mountaintops, Artisan Aromatics is on the quest to bring you the rarest and most exquisite natural floral essences from around the world. True Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils at at reasonable price without the hype.

Choose from over 100 All-Natural Essential Oils & Absolutes, including our Rare Organic Floral Absolutes extracted by the ancient method of Enfleurage:

Gardenia | Jasmine | Lily | Rose | Tuberose

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Artisan Aromatics – 100% Pure Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Blends

Both Domestic (U.S.) and International Shipping are available for all of our Essential Oils and Aromatherapy products including our Rare Organic Essential Oils: Frangipani, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lily, Rose, and Tuberose produced by enfleurage. Always Therapeutic Quality. You can rely on us for true therapeutic quality essential oils – nothing added, nothing taken away – 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils.

Wildcrafted (if available), Organic (if available), Eco-Sensitive (always), 100% Pure & Natural, Therapeutic Quality

Special Discounts

We offer several levels of discounts for our customers:

  • Practitioner (10%) – For all those engaged in the healing arts profession as a nurse, massage therapist, herbalist, shaman, therapist, healer, doctor, etc., part or full time. Also students enrolled in healing arts programs are eligible for the same discount as well as those retired from healthcare professions.
  • Student (20%) – For current or former student of our clinical consultant’s (Dr. Joie Power) school, The Aromatherapy School.
  • Wholesale (40%) – For businesses which resell our essential oils or aromatherapy products or use our therapeutic quality essential oils as ingredients in their own formulations. Examples of our wholesale customers are retail stores, clinics, hospitals, healthcare facilities, yoga studios, etc.

How to receive your discount:

Create an account. Then, Contact Us with your request for a discount. Please include your username.

Once approved, you will be notified by email and your discount will be reflected on the shopping cart page.

Can’t wait?

No problem – just place your order as a regular retail customer, and send us an email requesting your discount. We will make the appropriate refund by the next business day.

Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Essential Oils and Wholesale Aromatherapy Blends

We are primarily an on-line retail business but we do offer wholesale essential oil pricing to clinics, hospitals, healthcare facilities and a limited number of retail stores or other approved businesses including some yoga studios.

  • Suggested Minimum initial order = $200.00 (before shipping).
  • Required Minimum = $100.00 (after all discounts and before shipping).
  • You can order either by using our online shop, by email, or by using our wholesale PDF order form.
  • We offer over 100 Pure & Natural Essential Oils plus many Aromatherapy Blends, Massage Oils, etc.
  • Wholesale Discount = 40% off all items except diffusers (20% off).
  • Essential Oil Private Labeling and Bulk Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Blends or Massage Oils are also available.
  • Additional discounts of up to 50% off are available for very large orders.

Setting up a wholesale account is an easy one-time process.

  1. To be eligible for a discount, create an account, and email us with your request. Please include your Username (usually your email address).
  2. Once received, we’ll change your status from “Customer” to “Wholesale” (usually within a few hours).
  3. Then, you’ll receive the discount whenever you log into your account and place items in your shopping cart.

NOTE: All prices will show as retail UNTIL they are placed in the shopping cart. To see your discounts, “View Cart”.

Can’t wait?

Just place your order at retail prices, and we’ll refund the difference back to your card within 24 hours.


Click here to Contact us.

Bulk Orders

Bulk Essential Oils are available for most of our Essential Oils in sizes from 1 to 5 liters.

In addition to Retail and Wholesale, we offer bulk pricing to a limited number of approved customers.
(Minimum initial order = $500)

Therapeutic Group

Most of the Essential Oils in our Therapeutic Group are readily available, and we can usually ship 1-5 liter orders within a day or two. But, all orders ship no more than 1-2 weeks since we regularly get new stock shipments.

Artisan Group

The Essential Oils in our Artisan Group are more limited in supply. We may not be able to ship large orders immediately, depending on recent orders and time of year. We do accept pre-orders with contracts.


We are able to supply a limited number of natural perfumers and natural cosmetic company’s liter sizes of our very rare organic absolutes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Lily, Rose and Tuberose produced by the old method of enfleurage which uses no harsh chemicals. Prices per liter range from $8k to $10k. Supply is quite limited. So, pre-orders are accepted with contracts.

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Essential Oil Private Labeling

Are you ready for your own line of essential oils and/or aromatherapy blends?

Request Private Labeling

Submit your inquiry about private labeling. Please enter the code with your form submission. We will respond to your message as quickly as possible.

You can also call us at (828) 835-2231.

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We are here to help by creating an essential oil private label for you.

With just a few days notice, we can create custom labels for you. Just provide us with:

  • a picture or background image, and
  • select the colors and fonts

We will take it from there and create custom, professional-looking essential oil labels printed on high gloss water and oil proof labels.

Fees, Sizes & Options

There’s a one-time fee of $250.00 for the creation and setup of your labels. Then, we will put an unlimited number of labels on any of our bottles of essential oils or aromatherapy blends.

Our standard retail size bottles are cobalt blue in sizes up to 1/2 oz. / 15 ml. but we can use amber bottles if you prefer. Our standard essential oil bottles 1 oz. and larger are amber and our standard 4 oz. and 8 oz. massage oil bottles are plastic cobalt blue. You can even provide your own bottles and caps if you like and if you choose to rename our blends so that they better suit your product line, you are free to do so. We try to be flexible and meet your needs.

The minimum initial order amount for essential oil private labeling is $500 and we prefer that you order three to five each of each item. But, we try to be flexible since the needs of each of our private label customers is different.

The private label discount is the same as our wholesale discount (40% off retail). If volume warrants, we can increase this discount to 50%.

How to Order

Ordering your private label essential oils is an easy process. After paying the initial $250.00 custom label setup fee, you simply place an online wholesale order, and we apply your custom labels to the bottles.

How to Set Up a Wholesale Account:

  1. To be eligible for a discount, create an account and email us with your request. Please include your Username (usually your email address).
  2. Once received, we’ll change your status from “Customer” to “Wholesale” (usually within a few hours).
  3. From then on, you’ll receive the discount whenever you log into your account and place items in your shopping cart.

NOTE: All prices will show as retail UNTIL they are placed in the shopping cart. To see your discounts, “View Cart”.

Questions? Contact us by email (preferred) or give us a call 828dash835dash2231.

Aromatherapy Quality Essential Oils

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