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Artisan Essential Oils

From the darkest rain forests to the brightest deserts, from the warmest valleys to the coolest mountaintops, Artisan Aromatics is on the quest to bring you the rarest and most exquisite natural floral essences from around the world. True Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils at at reasonable price without the hype.

Choose from over 100 All-Natural Essential Oils & Absolutes, including our Rare Organic Floral Absolutes extracted by the ancient method of Enfleurage:

Gardenia | Jasmine | Lily | Rose | Tuberose

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Artisan Aromatics – 100% Pure Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils & Aromatherapy Blends

Both Domestic (U.S.) and International Shipping are available for all of our Essential Oils and Aromatherapy products including our Rare Organic Essential Oils: Frangipani, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lily, Rose, and Tuberose produced by enfleurage. Always Therapeutic Quality. You can rely on us for true therapeutic quality essential oils – nothing added, nothing taken away – 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oils.

Wildcrafted (if available), Organic (if available), Eco-Sensitive (always), 100% Pure & Natural, Therapeutic Quality

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What are Artisan Essential Oils™?


Artisan(pronounced: ar-te-zen or ar-te-zan) A person skilled in an applied art; a craftsperson; or a person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive product in small quantities, usually by hand.

Artisan Essential Oils™ are essential oils that are produced in an eco-ethical manner by small grower/harvesters who do their own production to the highest of standards specifically for the aromatherapy and healing arts communities. These are rare aromatherapy quality essential oils and absolutes and many are unique to our company and will not be found anywhere else on the web. Some of these 100% pure and natural oils are wildcrafted essential oils, aka wild-crafted essential oils, which are gathered from plants growing in their natural environment like cedar, pine, cypress, etc. while others are organically grown or eco-cultivated.

Artisan Aromatic’s collection of Artisan Essential Oils™ represents the highest professional standards of excellence for essential oils and we believe that our decision to offer Artisan Essential Oils™ is not only good for us and our customers, but is a necessary step towards an economy based on support of cultural and biological diversity.

Our quest for small distillers who produce these exquisite essential oils is a “work in progress” and much time is needed to locate and dialog with the growers/distillers and then to sample and test the oils before offering them to our customers. Over the years, you should see our selection of Artisan Essential Oils™ grow a little each year. Until that day comes when we’re able to obtain ALL of our Essential Oils and Absolutes from Artisan grower/suppliers, we offer almost 80 Essential Oils in our Therapeutic Group. These excellent therapeutic quality essential oils come from larger respected suppliers/sourcers who are well known in the aromatherapy trade and whose products are sold by other quality essential oil companies under their own labels.

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Our Artisan Essential Oil Group

The Essential Oils below are from our limited line of very select Artisan Essential Oils™, produced by artisan grower/distillers in small quantities and are not available on the mass market.

Name Botanical Name Cultivation Sizes
Angelica Root Oil Angelica archangelica L. Distilled / Wildcrafted 2ml to 2oz
Balsam Poplar Oil Populus balsamifera Distilled / Wildcrafted 2ml to 4oz
Bay Laurel Oil Laurus nobilis Distilled / Wildcrafted 1/2oz to 4oz
Gardenia Absolute Gardenia jasminoides Enfleurage / Organic 2ml to 2oz
Juniper Berry Juniperus communis Distilled / Wildcrafted 1/2oz to 4oz
Lavender Oil Lavandula angustifolia Distilled. 1/2oz to 4oz
Lily Absolute Lilium auratum Enfleurage / Organic 2ml to 2oz
Orange Oil – Sweet Citrus sinensis Expressed 1/2oz to 4oz
Palo Santo Oil Bursera graveolens Distilled / Wildcrafted 5ml to 4oz
Pine Needle Oil Pinus sylvestris (Scotch Pine) Distilled / Wildcrafted 1/2oz to 4oz
Rose Absolute Rosa damascena Enfleurage / Organic 2ml to 2oz
Rose Otto Rosa damascena Distilled 2ml to 2oz
Spruce Oil Picea mariana Distilled / Wildcrafted 10ml to 4oz
Tuberose Absolute Polianthes tuberosa Enfleurage / Organic 2ml to 2oz
Yarrow Oil Achillea millefolium Distilled 2ml to 2oz
Jojoba Oil Need a Carrier Oil? We recommend Jojoba. 4oz to 8oz

Artisan Group vs Therapeutic Group


Artisan Group: Essential Oils obtained directly from small artisan craftsmen who produce their essential oils in limited quantities specifically for the aromatherapy trade.

Therapeutic Group: Essential Oils obtained from larger trusted producers, fully tested to insure their therapeutic quality.

Don’t be fooled by some companies that offer “Fragrant” Oils or “Fragrance” Oils. Those oils are not natural but, are SYNTHETICS and have NO medicinal properties, in fact, they can be quite harmful. You’ll even see them advertised as “100% Pure”. Unfortunately they are 100% Pure Synthetic Chemicals. At Artisan Aromatics, we only sell 100% Pure NATURAL products, i.e. No SYNTHETICS.

Aromatherapy Quality Essential Oils

The term “aromatherapy grade” simply means that the oils are of the very best quality and are completely natural with no components added or removed.

Some Essential oils that are not identified as aromatherapy grade, like generic, food grade or pharmaceutical grade essential oils, may have had components removed or added to “standardize” them and some consider them to be unsuitable for the aromatherapy industry. But, it should be remembered that essential oils that are not labeled aromatherapy grade are not necessary of lesser quality. They may be just as good as essential oils that are labeled as aromatherapy grade. Ultimately you, the consumer, will have to be the judge. Pick a brand or two that you like and trust and avoid all essential oils that seem to be too cheap. Of course, some companies do not operate ethically and simply sell the cheapest of oils as being therapeutic grade or quality.

NOTE: In addition to the few unethical companies that sell the cheapest of essential oils as being therapeutic, there is another camp of unethical companies that promote their essential oils as being the only therapeutic quality / therapeutic grade / aromatherapy quality / aromatherapy grade essential oils in the world. This is simply not true.

All of our Artisan Aromatics brand Essential Oils are Aromatherapy Grade though we have chosen to use the term Therapeutic Quality instead.

All Artisan Aromatherapy Grade Essential Oils are fully guaranteed. If you don’t like it, contact us, let us know why and return the item. We’re a bit old fashioned in that we still believe that “The Customer is Always Right”.

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Aromatherapy Quality Essential Oils

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